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Guitar Instruction from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Ft Wayne Guitar Dojo of Fort Wayne, Indiana, provides professional guitar lessons and music instruction for beginners and skilled players.

Music Instruction
Focusing on music theory, we provide guitar lessons for all skill levels. From beginners to skilled professionals, we take you to a higher level of playing. We provide instruction in a variety of playing styles and genres: blues and classic rock, country and rockabilly, indie and alternative. Whatever your preferred style, we help you become a better player.

• We offer high-quality guitar lessons from beginners to skilled professionals.
• Offering individual, private lessons, we use various forms of media to enhance our instruction.
• Each lesson lasts 40 minutes, with plans tailored toward the student's skill level.

Packages & Rates
• Once-a-Week Packages—As Low as $70 per Month
• Master Classes—2-Hour Session for $35

If you are looking to become a better guitar player, we provide the professional instruction to take you there.

Young Men Playing Guitar, Guitar Instruction in Fort Wayne, IN

Basic Guitar Setup Services
Making certain your instrument is properly set up and tuned is important; it's a tell-tale sign of a dedicated musician. We provide set-up services that make certain your guitar is ready for a performance or for practice. Set-up includes, restringing, tuning and proper adjustment for maximized sound quality.

• Guitar set-up services begin at $25.
• We also provide minor guitar repair services.

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