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Guitar Lessons and Music Instruction from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Ft Wayne Guitar Dojo of Fort Wayne, Indiana, offers guitar lessons and music instruction that builds confidence, playing ability, and understanding through theory and practice. Impassioned with music, we believe everyone deserves the chance to experience the joy of playing a musical instrument—especially the guitar.

Our Instructor
After years of teaching and playing professionally in Chicago, Mark relocated to Fort Wayne and is lending his talents and experience to anyone with the dream of becoming a capable guitar player. Mark currently plays the 80s alternative band, Weird Science.

The Dojo
We provide an array of professional music services at rates any music fan can appreciate. Let us make you a better player; no excuses.

Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Lessons in Fort Wayne, IN
Our Services Include:
• Music Instruction 
• Instrument Tuning
• Artist Development
• Guitar Lessons & Workshops
• Banjos
• Guitars

Vintage Musical Instruments
With more than 15 years of experience, we are Fort Wayne's choice for professional guitar instruction and music services. We believe in spending quality time with our students, an extra 10 minutes every lesson, to ensure we're on the same page and that our services are striking a chord.

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